At UTAC, we actively participate in working groups dedicated to global regulatory developments (UNECE regulations) and European (EU) developments through the Geneva and Brussels organisations. We participate as technical experts, alongside French authorities – this allows anticipation of future regulatory developments and guidance for ongoing work. Whether it is the regulations of the European Union or of the United Nations (ECE regulations), it is essential for our customers to be informed of updates and amendments in real-time.

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Vehicle Certification and Homologation

At UTAC, we have nearly 100 years of experience in working towards and maintaining regulatory compliance across our global business. Our vehicle certification services focus on the optimisation of management systems, helping our customers to comply with the regulatory requirements and to continually improve their processes and procedures.

We are notified by the French, British, Luxembourg, Dutch and Romanian authorities to the European Commission and the United Nations.

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Vehicle certification for UNECE regulations at UTAC

Certification of Management Systems

We provide a dedicated service to support our customers and optimise performance. System audits are used to evaluate organisations, measure their performance and efficiency and prepare them for certification. We operate worldwide in the fields of quality, environment, energy, health and safety at work.

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We provide customers with the official lists of breathalyzer testers (EAD) and qualified fitters (Deriv VP). Our teams can also provide guidance on the qualification processes.

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Market Surveillance

We have been accredited by the Service de Surveillance du Marché des Véhicules et des Moteurs (SSMVM) to carry out tests according to protocols defined by European regulations. The SSMVM works closely with the General Directorate of Energy and Climate (DGEC); part of the French Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition.

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OTC for the Technical Inspection of Vehicles

We have been named central technical body for the technical control of vehicles by the public authorities, to implement tasks defined by the Highway Code. The aim of this is to collect and analyse results of inspections and to monitor the operation of installations. This helps to ensure the consistency of inspections and to collect information on the status of the national fleet.

We have also been named the central technical body for the technical control of agricultural sprayers: OTC Pulvés in 2021.

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Vehicle homologation testing at UTAC formerly Millbrook

Bureau de Normalisation de l'Automobile (BNA)

The BNA identifies standardisation requirements expressed by those involved in the field of road vehicles, emergency systems and non-motorised vehicles. The BNA develops and deploys the annual standardisation programme. It also leads the standardisation commissions in intervention, appoints experts at CEN and ISO and prepares draft standards.

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