May 17 2021

New, Euro NCAP Sled at UTAC Test Facility in France

Euro NCAP Servo Sled safety testing

UTAC CERAM Millbrook, a private independent group and major partner of the automotive and mobility industry, has just equipped its Linas-Montlhéry site in France with a new, innovative and high-performance sled with a nominal force of 3,100 kN. This device can perform crash tests and simulate the effects of an accident. It is an essential tool for carrying out the various tests related to the Euro NCAP (whiplash and far-side), FIA (seat and harness protocols) and ADAC (child seats) protocols and for meeting regulatory requirements.

The new sled in France compliments UTAC CERAM Millbrook’s sled test facility in the UK, which has a maximum nominal force of 1,400 kN. The UK facility has also been specifically modified with the required safety equipment and protocols to perform electric vehicle battery safety tests.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

For the new sled in France, UTAC CERAM Millbrook has selected state-of-the art equipment that meets all quality requirements. The performance, reliability and durability of test items can be assessed using the SESA ServoSled 3.1 MN. This can carry a payload of up to 4 tonnes, propel its trolley at 90km/h and decelerate the trolley at up to 120g.

All test objects are tested on an acceleration field. This is illuminated by a flood of light from thirty 1,000 watt LED projectors and filmed at up to 5,000 frames per second (1,000 fps is the standard). The sled achieves acceleration exceeding 80g for 20 milliseconds, enabling video recordings to be taken from all angles without distortion.

All desired equipment can be installed and crash tested from the front, rear or side, including special equipment that meets child seat regulation requirements (ECE129). The sled can also be used to conduct regulatory tests and eCall (emergency calls) box testing, which requires the ability to handle accelerations of 70g.

Its size and features are impressive with three compressors, enabling up to 18 launches per day at 30g. In addition, the upper platform of the sled is removable, so engineers and technicians can install elements without having to operate the tool itself.

UTAC CERAM Millbrook is committed to helping its customers develop new technologies and to ensure that they comply with current regulations, by providing a support service for the approval of new products.

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