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May 06 2024

3rd edition of the UTAC Challenge: imagining the mobility of the future

The UTAC challenge is a competition between universities dedicated to the mobility of the future. The 2024 edition will take place on May 23 at the UTAC site in Linas-Montlhéry and has the theme: “The mobility of the future”.

Initially an innovation exercise on autonomous vehicles, the challenge opens up to all types of vehicles of the future, including their design and associated materials. This event brings together participants linked to the entire mobility chain of the future: engineering schools, universities, start-ups…

It takes on an international dimension in 2024 with the participation of British entities, in addition to French ones. . And this year the president of the jury is a woman. Indeed, Kirsty Andrew, Vice-President Security & Defense of UTAC, has the honor of also coming from the United Kingdom to chair the jury made up of 9 members.

May 23, the culmination of an intense period of creativity

From September to May, teams from the different entities worked on physical prototypes of vehicles. These prototypes serve as support for the implementation of new features, demonstrating the innovation and ingenuity of the participants. For those who do not have a physical prototype, an alternative exists in the form of a digital test, where groups then present detailed simulations of their concepts.

This year, 14 groups entered the competition, and will present their innovations in front of around 200 people: participants, partners, guests and colleagues. The competition takes place in a real environment on the TEQMO tracks, the UTAC center dedicated to connected vehicles.

A strategic event

Some topics demonstrated by schools are subsequently likely to become internship or work-study themes, demonstrating a proactive approach to Research & Development.

Jérôme Paschal, Vice President Software & Innovation at UTAC: “This Challenge is a highlight for UTAC, the SIA (Society of Automotive Engineers) and the participating schools. It attests to our desire to prepare new generations of engineers for the challenge of carbon-free and automated mobility. Our tracks thus become for a day, the scene of an abundance of ideas and intergenerational exchanges! »

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