November 14 2023

Acoustic and vibration testing

Acoustic tests

Innovation and Regulation

How UTAC guides the mobility sector through acoustic and vibration testing

In a world where over 50% of the population resides in suburban or urban areas, combating noise pollution has become a major challenge for the mobility sector. Actors in this sector, whether equipment suppliers or manufacturers, are constantly seeking innovative solutions to meet expectations while complying with current regulations.

UTAC stands out by offering acoustic and vibration testing services tailored to each key stage, from initial product design to final validation. This approach ensures not only compliance with current regulations but also prepares for future regulatory developments.

Clients who choose UTAC for their testing, benefit from independent certification carried out at the group’s 3 sites located in France, the United Kingdom, and Morocco. These secure sites are equipped with dedicated teams composed of qualified engineers and technicians. The main objective is to reduce ~~~~the total customer costs related to measuring equipment and engineering support when compared to internal testing.

Thanks to close collaboration with major manufacturers and equipment suppliers, UTAC experts provide comprehensive technical service. They develop customised testing protocols and construct development and innovation strategies adapted to the future evolution of the sector.

UTAC’s expertise doesn’t stop there. The group is also a recognized expert in national, European and international regulation, acting as a notified body by homologation authorities of several countries. This global expertise allows UTAC to offer valuable support to its clients in a constantly evolving regulatory environment.


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