100 ans de l'Autodrome d'UTAC Linas-Montlhéry 🎉

May 12 2023

Challenge UTAC

Challenge UTAC 4



Challenge UTAC


UTAC, a private and independent group, a privileged partner of the automotive and mobility world, announced today the winners of the 2nd edition of the UTAC Challenge, bringing together 11 schools representing 13 student groups and 1 professional group. This first-ever European competition in a real environment dedicated to future autonomous and connected mobility aims to raise students’ awareness of the issues involved in designing and developing the vehicles of the future.

Organised under the aegis and with the support of the Société des Ingénieurs de l’Automobile (SIA), this annual competition open to projects from European universities, engineering schools, IUTs and start-ups is a unique opportunity for participating teams to work on the complete or partial design of a vehicle or innovative functions. Teams enter 3 running and 4 static prototypes, and their performance will be evaluated by a jury of UTAC and SIA experts.

After the success of the 1st Edition 2022, which allowed 10 engineering schools and universities to present their project, 14 groups competed this year on the tracks of the UTAC Linas-Montlhéry TEQMO circuit.

At the end of a day rich in technical demonstrations, presentations, exchanges and various animations, such as first drives in Mégane RS and Alpine, driving initiation with an instructor on the speed ring and easy drift, the winners have just been announced:


Overall podium :

Automated parking: ESTACA, ISAT

Free event: IUT d’Orsay, UTBM, Equality between ENSTA Paris & ENSTA Bretagne

Automated urban course: ESIGELEC, ESIGELEC


Honorary prize : 

Mobilians Award: IPSA

Best project: ESEO

Best school: ESTACA

Professional category award: UTBM

Best Prototype: Université d’Orléans

Innovative Concept: IUT d’Orsay


Challenge UTAC 2

The majority of engineering schools, universities & IUT presented prototype vehicles which demonstrated the technological added value developed during this 2023 edition and which were the subject of the vote of the jury composed of experts and journalists led by its president Caroline Le Corre (Renault) Luc Marbach (SIA), Alain Piperno (UTAC), Emilie Henry (UTAC), Gaël Montfront (BOSCH), Julie Scarpa (UTAC) and Bertrand Gay (Revue des Ingénieurs de l’Automobile).

Recall that the UTAC Challenge is open to companies, who would like to support this initiative. Ten partners participated in this edition, including:

  • dSPACE, the leading provider of simulation and validation solutions used in the development of connected, autonomous and electrically powered vehicles. dSPACE’s range of activities ranges from providing comprehensive solutions for simulation and validation, to engineering and consulting services, to training and support activities.
  • Intempora, which is the publisher of RTMaps (Real-Time Multisensor applications). RTMaps is a component-based development and execution software that enables easy and optimized design, testing and deployment of software functions such as perception and deep learning algorithms for ADAS and autonomous driving.
  • BLUEBINARIES, Accelerates future mobility with its engineering expertise and global reach, and has set a goal of equipping visionary automotive technologies with unprecedented intelligence.
  • MOBILIANS, defends the interests of automobile distribution and services companies in France since 1902. This employers’ organization represents France’s fifth-largest economic sector with 160,000 local businesses and 500,000 jobs that cannot be relocated.Through this partnership, Mobilians wishes to be more involved in the training of new generations, and more broadly in support of training in the automotive sector.
  • NBtech, With a proven track record of expertise, NBtech puts its skills and expertise at the service of the automotive industry and other industrial sectors through the provision of services with high added value.
  • AVSIMULATION, who designs, markets and maintains a wide range of automotive simulation products and solutions. It is the only player in the market to offer simulation software, simulators and all related services. SCANeR™ software is a complete, open and modular platform including advanced models for vehicle dynamics, driver, sensors and environment (roads, traffic, weather), from functional modelling to comprehensive physical modelling used by more than 100 customers worldwide.
  • MathWorks, World leader in mathematical computing software for engineers and scientists.

AVSIMULATION, UTAC’s historic simulation partner, has partnered with MathWorks to implement a tool specifically designed to support teams in the simulation. The two partners have set up a standardised simulation solution for the needs of the Challenge: AVSimulation provides the software suite and MathWorks develops the final product control law.

  • EASY MILE, is a global leader in intelligent mobility solutions and driverless technology. The company develops software to automate transport platforms and revolutionize the movement of passengers and goods.
  • Without forgetting the REGION ILE DE France, official partner of TEQMO.


Challenge UTAC 3


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