August 08 2023

Cold environment tests at UTAC Ivalo this summer

UTAC Ivalo


Cold environment

Summer doesn’t mean the end of cold environment testing at UTAC Ivalo.

UTAC Ivalo at the very north of Finland offers winter conditions throughout the year: Even in the warmest summer months, our customers can test their tyres, vehicles and components with the same level of quality and repeatability on snow and ice at the unique Indoor facilities or send their products to be tested by UTAC teams.

The Indoor facilities consist of 1,6 km of indoor tracks with snow, ice and asphalt surfaces, cold boxes, and workshops with offices.

This offers teams a very efficient way to continue development work outside of traditional winter season, without weather risk.

Indoor snow flat and handling tracks use only natural snow, providing comparable results with outdoor winter tests.

Ice flat can be used for objective ice testing or turned into a combination of asphalt and ice for split-friction testing.

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