100 ans de l'Autodrome d'UTAC Linas-Montlhéry 🎉

May 31 2024

Discover UTAC’s unique offer for the cybersecurity of your vehicles

Cybersecurity is a key element when it comes to developing and commercializing softwares for vehicles and UTAC can help you with it !

A whole range of penetration tests is available to ensure your future customer will be safe from hackers and help you to understand your product’s exploitation risk and to validate your security measures. You can test your whole vehicle, equipment and now your V2G – Vehicle to grid. We can help you with various cases such as a hacker who would like to access your vehicle or your bank details account while connecting to an EV charging station.

Alongside these tests, UTAC brings to the market a unique offer: dynamic penetration tests while your vehicles are on the move. Real-time testing for the best in class cybersecurity !

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