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April 08 2024

Driver distraction: UTAC supports new European regulations

Driver distraction – looking at the landscape or at a mobile phone, for example – is a major factor in accidents, accounting for around 20% of all accidents in Europe. The European authorities have therefore defined a new set of regulations entitled “Advanced Driver Distraction Warning” (ADDW).

These will come into force from July 2024 for all new types of passenger and goods vehicles, and from July 2026 for all new types of vehicle.

These regulations require, among other things, the presence of a warning system to alert the driver if he or she is looking away from the road. This may take the form of a visual message on the dashboard, accompanied by an audible alert or a vibration. This alert is triggered after 6 seconds when the speed is between 20 and 50 km/hour, or before 3.5 seconds when the speed is greater than 50 km/hour.  

How can the driver’s gaze be detected? For example, by installing a camera in the vehicle, a new safety tool to help drivers concentrate.  

This regulation was the subject of a year-long working group that came to a conclusion in November 2023. UTAC represented France at this working group and was able to contribute all its safety expertise.  

The UTAC teams are thus able to help all manufacturers with the development of their documentation relating to these regulations, concerning the operation of the ADDW system, the definition of the three distraction zones and the methodology for carrying out validation tests. In addition, UTAC can also help you recruit a wide range of participants/drivers to carry out validation tests, and, as a Technical Service, carry out homologation tests. 


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