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April 22 2024

Earth Day: UTAC’s commitment to biodiversity

22nd April is Earth Day. UTAC is focusing this year on biodiversity and across our various sites, initiatives are emerging, demonstrating UTAC’s commitment in this area. There are multiple projects, from the restoration of natural habitats to the protection of endangered species. 

Oued-Zem, Morocco 

Since the construction of the Oued-Zem site, in Morocco, the teams have started a series of actions aimed at preserving and restoring local biodiversity. They manage natural habitats such as trees, wetlands and grasslands to provide viable spaces for a variety of plants and animal species, such as rabbits, ring-necked pheasants and foxes. 

At the same time, Moroccan teams monitor and manage invasive species in order to limit their impact on native ecosystems. Conservation measures for endangered species are put in place, creating biological corridors to promote connectivity between natural habitats. 

Ivalo, Finland

In Finland, the Inari municipality where the Ivalo village is located is well known for its wide wilderness areas with lakes, rivers, and fells.  The Ivalo tracks are part of this ecosystem, giving their own contribution to nature. The test area is a suitable habitat for various animals, including birds and frogs.  


When summertime comes and melts the ice and snow away, and when testing activities are less, the tracks provide a suitable environment for these animals, with the site being built on a swamp-like area. During that period, the sun remains visible 24/7 which gives the fauna and flora an opportunity to flourish.  

The proving ground is covering approximately 1000 hectares and is fenced, reducing disturbance caused by external human activities and allowing animal species to live more freely. 

Millbrook, United Kingdom 

In 2023, UTAC established quantitative environmental targets in the United-Kingdom to reinforce its commitment to environmental protection. 

It is within this framework that UTAC has committed to planting 15,000 trees and seeding approximately 2 acres of land with wildflowers, in order to promote the pollinators’ wellfare. These initiatives aim to support local biodiversity and contribute to the preservation of fragile ecosystems. By carefully monitoring the implementation of these objectives, UTAC demonstrates its desire to play an active role in nature protection. 

Linas-Montlhéry, France 

The restructuring work on the speed ring in 2018 had an impact on the local ecosystem. With the aim of monitoring and offsetting the long-term effects of this restructuring on biodiversity and the local ecosystem, UTAC, in collaboration with local authorities, has monitoring a plan for bioversity of the fauna and flora. 

This report now indicates improvements in the populations of protected species such as amphibians (frogs) and bats on the site. In addition, UTAC has global environmental commitments regarding water management and the preservation or increase of local biodiversity, notably through planting trees, reintroducing wildflowers, beekeeping, and managing wildlife. 


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