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June 23 2023

GCK Mobility tested hydrogen buses at CEM Laboratory of UTAC Linas-Montlhéry

UTAC GCK Hydrogene

Testing and certification

Hydrogen-powered buses

The CEM Laboratory at UTAC Linas-Montlhéry has tested a hydrogen-powered bus on behalf of GCK Mobility. This represents a significant advance in the field of clean transport, as it emits only water and offers performance equivalent to, or even better than, that of traditional buses.
It is essential to guarantee the electromagnetic compatibility of these technologies.
This is why the UTAC teams have worked closely with the engineers and designers of the hydrogen bus to assess its electromagnetic behaviour and ensure that it complies with current standards.
One of the special features of this project is the use of the first mobile hydrogen refuelling station in France. This will enable the bus to be recharged with hydrogen in a practical, flexible and safe way, offering greater autonomy and more efficient use of resources. This represents a major step forward in the charging infrastructure for hydrogen-powered vehicles, and an important step towards greener, more sustainable mobility.
UTAC would like to thank GCK Mobility, GCK Energy and Flex’hy for this synergy of expertise and innovation, which demonstrates the three partners’ collective commitment to a sustainable future and environmentally-friendly mobility.


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