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June 03 2024

Tender: Hydrogen refuelling station

UTAC is looking for modestly sized hydrogen vehicle refuelling station at  its proving ground in Millbrook, United-Kingdom. The ideal solution would also be moveable so that UTAC could redeploy the Hydrogen Refuelling Station (HRS) to other UTAC facilities in Europe as well. Therefore, the solution should be designed so that all equipment is packaged for minimal installation on site.

The following information provides details of UTAC’s requirements as currently understood. The details are not verbatim and deviation from these may be permissible following discussion with UTAC.

  • Ability to fill vehicles to 350 bar and 700 bar.
  • Refuelling nozzle options to cater for 350 bar and 700 bar with IR
  • To be sized for a maximum of 50kg hydrogen vehicle fills to 700 bar in c.60 minutes.
  • To have a daily hydrogen output capacity of no less than 100 kg/day.
  • Electrical requirement not to be more than 125A 3-phase.
  • Accurate mass flow meter readings.
  • To be operational for UK and central Europe ambient conditions.

Details of civil requirements construction of the new refuelling area are as follows:

  • 160m2 Concrete area
  • 30m of 1.8m Palisade Fencing with 2x Pedestrian Doorways and 1x 7m Gates
  • 125A 400V LV Power supplies to Hydrogen refueler and outdoor lighting
  • 40m Double stacked 1m2 gabion stone cage wall
  • Storm water drainage system including aco channels and stoned filter drains
  • 180m2 Asphalt area

For clarifications, please contact tony.perkins@utac.com


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