December 05 2023

The BNA at WASIC Conference China


Public intervention

Valérie Maupin at the 1st WASIC Conference China

The Automotive Standardisation Office (BNA) took part in the 1st WASIC (World Automobile Standards and Innovation) conference in China from 27 to 29 November.

Valérie Maupin, Director of the BNA, was welcomed to the 1st WASIC conference organised in China in her capacity as head of the ISO/TC 22 “Road Vehicles” committee on the theme: “Focusing on the United Nations’ sustainable development objectives and the broad outlines of the development of automotive standardisation”.

Her presentation highlighted the way in which the automotive industry’s standards support the implementation of the United Nations’ sustainable development objectives, particularly in the areas of road safety and new powertrains.

As part of this meeting, Valérie Maupin was also invited to speak on other topics, such as “How standards and regulations can act as a catalyst for sustainable growth in the global automotive industry”.

The visit highlighted UTAC’s expertise in standardisation at a global level.



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