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May 09 2023

Tomorrow’s Fuels

UTAC ENERGY Informations

Did you know?

Fuels: carbon neutral, biofuels or synthetic fuels: what's the difference?

“Carbon-neutral fuels are fuels whose entire life cycle has zero CO2 emissions, i.e. from production to use, including transport and storage.

In practice, these are often e-fuels, which are synthetic fuels made from green H2 (dihydrogen), from renewable electricity and CO2 capture.

They are to be distinguished from biofuels, which are mainly used as additives or supplements to fossil fuels and are derived from biomass or are synthetic fuels based on vegetable or animal oils.

In the EU, the definition of these fuels as well as their distribution and use are being reviewed in the “Fit-for-55″ package which aims to reduce greenhouse gases by 55% (compared to 1990) by 2030.

E-fuels would be available exclusively for use in cars and light commercial vehicles after 2035, which will signal the end of CO2 emissions from the tailpipe and the end of the fossil fuel engine.

Outside the EU, in the United States for example, the proportion of biofuels or even low-carbon fuels is also governed by some thirty standards.”


Elodie Collot, Environment Regulation Senior Expert UTAC


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