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February 05 2024

Tyre wear tests at UTAC Ivalo

UTAC ivalo


UTAC Ivalo

UTAC Ivalo has years of experience of tyre wear tests, that are performed in convoy testing ensuring compatibility between different tyres. For companies studying how their winter tyres get worn in use, UTAC test teams offer a full service package including route planning, test vehicles, qualified drivers, tyre works, measurements and reporting.

The customers choose UTAC for several reasons : low traffic density allows equal driving for all vehicles in convoy, experienced drivers and project management, possibility to drive with studded tyres year-round, wear testing can be combined with other performance tests on snow and ice in our indoor winter test facilities, and summer in the far north is cool from April to October giving optimal conditions for winter tyre wear testing.

The tests include full scale of measurements: tread wear including wear shape, compound hardness, stud protrusions, broken/lost studs’ calculation and all necessary photos/videos.

For more information, please contact us : https://bit.ly/3TufH4T


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