November 22 2023

UTAC hosts your tests in the freezing North

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Tests in the freezing North

Ensuring Performance and Reliability in Extreme Conditions

In a world of rapidly evolving automotive technology, ensuring the reliability and durability of vehicles in extreme conditions is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. At UTAC, we understand the importance of these tests, especially in cold environments. Our state-of-the-art facilities 300 kilometers North of the Arctic Circle set a real challenge to any vehicle.

The importance of Cold Environment Testing:

Cold environment testing plays a key role in ensuring vehicle performance, quality and reliability. From the thermal management of electric motors to the calibration of stability control systems, every aspect has to be carefully evaluated to ensure optimum performance in extreme cold conditions.

Our Facilities and Expertise:

Our UTAC Ivalo Mellatracks and UTAC Ivalo Airport proving grounds, offer a variety of test tracks for various winter testing activities in freezing temperatures. UTAC Ivalo’s tracks are known for great surface quality offering high repeatability of tests. The extensive outdoor tracks combined with the unique indoor test facilities allow year-round testing making UTAC Ivalo the preferred partner for anyone looking for cold environment testing. Supporting infrastructure including latest fast charging technology is in place to support the tests.

The Impact on Electromobility:

With the rise of electromobility, testing in cold environments is taking on a new dimension. Thermal management of batteries and electric motors is becoming crucial to ensure the longevity and energy efficiency of electric vehicles.

Why choose UTAC?

When you choose UTAC, you benefit not only from our technical expertise, but also from a competitive advantage: The possibility to find winter conditions year-round helps you to shorten the time to market and, most importantly, ensure your product is ready for the rigours of winter.


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