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May 14 2024

UTAC launches its offer for the driver monitoring systems

Following two new European regulation called “Driver Drowsiness and Attention Warning” and “Advanced Driver Distraction Warning”, UTAC now offers a full range of services to help its customers with this new regulatory framework.  

Driver distraction and drowsiness remain two major causes of road accidents whereas they are preventable with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) such as Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS). This led European authorities to reinforce regulation in this field.  

In this context, UTAC is fully committed to support its customers to address those challenges whether they are regulatory and/or societal, by organizing, operating and reporting your testing requests to help you to bring safe and reliable products on the market. 

With our team of experts and cutting-edge equipment, we can support you in all your projects, from design and prototypes to homologation and Euro NCAP assessment, whatever the type of vehicle. 


This new offer of service is done thanks to partnering with two companies: Innov+ and Optalert, which helps UTAC to provide ground truth for evaluating various driver impaired states. 


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