December 19 2023

 UTAC signs for 100% renewable power agreement in the UK

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UTAC Millbrook and Leyland signs for 100% renewable power

To support UTAC’s overall ambition to reduce carbon emissions produced by our company, the British facilities have contracted a 100% renewable power agreement. This means the energy supplying Millbrook and Leyland are guaranteed to be of renewable energy of origin. It is a significant improvement compared to the previous contract which guaranteed only 50% of electricity generated by renewables.

As more companies choose to switch to 100% renewable power contracts, it increases the demand, and more energy suppliers are forced to generate energy through renewables. In the United Kingdom, renewable energy comes mainly from wind, and solar PV, with a small source of hydro-electric. This contract does not include nuclear as nuclear energy is not renewable.

Beyond the origin of the generation of energy, a certain number of actions have been conducted over the past years to reduce, step by step, the consumption of energy on-site:

100% LED lighting

Air source heat pump to heat buildings such as CCAV, Events and building 22

Constant energy auditing to ensure greater energy efficiency

These actions have had already significant positive impacts to support our ambition to reduce carbon emissions in the UK and in the Group.


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