100 ans de l'Autodrome d'UTAC Linas-Montlhéry 🎉

November 15 2023

UTAC, the first “Organisme Qualifié Agréé”


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Organisme Qualifié Agréé

UTAC, the first “Organisme Qualifié Agréé” (OQA) for the functional safety of on-board systems and for the security of a vehicle’s road behavior.

This agreement enables UTAC to assess and audit the safety of Automated Road Transport Systems (ARTS*).

As a result, UTAC will be able to offer its customers the possibility of evaluating their systems prior to the deployment of automated vehicles on public roads in France.

UTAC has received this agreement from the STRMTG (Service technique des remontées mécaniques et des transports guidés), a department of the French Ministry of Transport.

Automated Road Transport System (ARTS): a technical automated road transport system deployed on predefined routes or traffic zones, with operating, in-service and maintenance rules, for the purpose of providing a public or private road passenger transport service, or a private passenger transport service.


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