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April 06 2023

WP29 189th session – Consolidated texts available on RACE Online


The 189th session of the World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations, WP29, held from 7 to 9 March 2023, consolidated a number of texts, including:

The 4th series of amendments to Regulation N°117 concerning the approval of tyres with :

the introduction of wet grip performance for C2 and C3 (for M2, M3, N vehicles and their trailers) worn tyres, new limits for Rolling Resistance and wet grip for new tyres, as well as the definition of special use tyre for use in severe snow conditions (3PMSF).

Supplement 01 to the 1st series of amendments to regulation N°157 concerning the approval of vehicle with regard to automated lane keeping systems:

This amendment completes and clarifies the first applicable regulation on driving delegation systems (level 3) allowed on highways up to 130km/h with the possibility of lane change. It specifies what is to be considered as an “aborted lane change”, which is only related to the dynamic maneuvering of the vehicle and not to the complete procedure as soon as the system intends to change lane. The amendment also includes details of the times that the system should record such manoeuvres. This ensures a harmonized application by technical services such as UTAC.

These texts are already available on RACE-Online, a specific database adapted to professionals, developed by UTAC.

This unique tool, available in English and French and updated in real time, facilitates access to and monitoring of changes in European Union (Brussels) and United Nations (Geneva) automobile regulations.

More information: raceonline@utac.com



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