May 18 2021

Safe, Sustainable Indoor Winter Testing for the Summer Season

UTAC indoor winter testing formerly at Test World

Indoor winter testing is in full swing for Test World, UTAC CERAM Millbrook’s winter test facility in Ivalo, Northern Finland. The winter season has come to a close, so testing has moved indoors and will continue throughout the year. Tyre and vehicle development work is conducted on its indoor test tracks, all of which are powered by 100% renewable wind energy.

Test World’s parent company, Millbrook, is merging with French company, UTAC CERAM. The merger benefits Test World’s customers as the group now boasts an even more comprehensive tyre testing capability. Test World’s year-round snow, ice and asphalt testing will be complemented by the UTAC CERAM Millbrook laboratory tests and soon-to-be opened proving ground in Morocco.

The team has also started ice grip testing for the revised European tyre labelling regulation. The new ice grip symbol helps manufacturers to determine the suitability of their tyres in different, more extreme winter conditions. Test World’s expert team can accurately control the track surface and air temperature to ensure stable conditions for this new test.

Test World recently launched its new ASTM traction truck which enables customers to test winter tyres to the ASTM 1805 test standard. Within its dedicated test lane, Test World uses an all-electric test vehicle to improve the control of the vehicles’ set up.

Customers can send tyres directly to Test World for the highly experienced team to test on their behalf. This means that tyre manufacturers can continue their development programmes, without necessarily having to visit the facility. Test World offers remote witnessing so customers can see tests being carried out. However, Test World continues to be a safe place to work, and as global travel restrictions have begun to ease, customers can attend the site. Tracks and workshops are hired on an exclusive basis, so contact with others is limited.

Using electric vehicle helps us to control the test better. We are excited to be working with customers on ASTM spin traction and ice grip testing, all whilst ensuring our facility is as safe and sustainable as possible..

Jukka Antila Technical Director at UTAC’s Ivalo Proving Ground

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