May 19 2021

UTAC Unveils 10m Drop Tower for Battery Safety Testing

EV battery drop testing facility at Millbrook Proving Ground in the UK

UTAC has added to its comprehensive battery test offering with the introduction of a 10m drop tower, at Millbrook Proving Ground in the UK. The new facility assists customers in ensuring that their products are safe and operable after being dropped from heights of up to 10m. The drop tower is ideally suited to helping customers understand how a vehicle battery is affected in different impact scenarios. For instance, it can simulate a battery falling from a forklift truck or from racking in a storage facility.

The new installation also supports impact and penetration tests, using an impactor located beneath the drop test item. The tower’s guidance system allows the test item to be dropped onto an impact medium, such as aluminium honeycomb, to offer a tuned deceleration pulse.

UTAC’s engineers instrument the test item and drop tower to offer data and insight throughout testing. Among the myriad data points that can be obtained are temperature, acceleration and impact velocity. Engineers can also monitor and log live CAN data from the test item.

UTAC offers the largest independent battery testing capability in the UK, with the addition of the outdoor drop tower building on the launch of its Battery Turnover Facility at the end of 2020.

The addition of our new drop tower expands our battery abuse testing capability. The tower can also be used for controlled and secure safety testing of other components or manufactured items that are stored, packaged or unpackaged, on racking systems or transported at height. Such test items could range from consumer white goods, through vehicle spares and components, to military materiel.

Kieran Forinton Chief Engineer for Safety at UTAC

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