August 17 2021

UTAC-LED OASIM project milestone

The OASIM project – Overall ASEAN market Safety Improvement for Motorcycles – was launched with the support of ASEAN NCAP in September 2020, with the aim of improving the safety of motorized two-wheelers in Southeast Asia (ASEAN).
The 2-year project is managed by UTAC, which coordinates actions and relations between the partners: laboratories, manufacturers and automotive equipment manufacturers.
During a virtual workshop, the third step of the project, the partners exchanged on the results of the ASEAN accident, presented by the CEESAR – European Centre for Safety Studies and Risk Analysis.
The most frequent accident scenarios in the region will be studied to determine which ADAS systems may be applicable, in order to reduce the occurrence and consequences of accidents.
The previously identified panel of two-wheelers representative of the ASEAN fleet allowed the development of the prototype of a specific two-wheeled target to begin.
The ultimate objective is to define a test protocol to be integrated into the ASEAN NCAP evaluation programme, foreseen in its 2026 roadmap, with the objective of encouraging the automotive industries to develop such ADAS systems.


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