Euro, Green and other NCAPs


Since 1997 when Euro NCAP was set up, vehicle safety requirements have constantly been tightened to reduce the risk of accidents as low as possible and limit their effects. Currently nearly 9 out of 10 vehicles sold on the European market have received a Euro NCAP assessment and the rating is fully integrated into the vehicle safety performance validation process.


UTAC, an historical lab in France for EURO NCAP

Accredited since 2001, UTAC is one of 8 accredited laboratories in Europe. We also have an official inspector who provides total support to clients and can recreate accidents to help justice and insurance companies understand accident causes and liabilities.

Euro NCAP carries out assessment campaigns for active and passive safety performance and gives consumers an objective and independent opinion on the safety of some of the best-selling cars in Europe.

A comprehensive safety offer


  • Crashworthiness
  • Euro NCAP test protocols
  • Dummy calibration



Collision avoidance systems (AEB, ELK, ESS, BSD, etc.)

  • Lane keeping systems (LKA, LKW)
  • Speed assistance systems (SAS)
  • Driver monitoring systems (DSM)
  • Innovative test scenarios (collisions with scooters, animals, etc.)

Promoting the environmental approach with Green NCAP

With the increase in the number of hybrid, electric and hydrogen vehicles, clean vehicle promotion has steadily grown. The independent European rating programme Green NCAP works to assess the latest vehicle models wishing to be rated as clean in terms of emissions. As an accredited Green NCAP laboratory, we support you with testing and thereby help to promote your product among the growing competition in the new energies market.


Developing with you according to your NCAP needs

UTAC supports you with performing development tests or pre-tests, if necessary, in accordance with the Latin NCAP, ASEAN NCAP, China NCAP, Korean NCAP or Japan NCAP criteria. We also enable you to guarantee the compatibility of your Euro NCAP tests with the standards required for ANCAP.

OASIM, a project in collaboration with ASEAN NCAP

By 2026, ASEAN NCAP aims to become the most challenging protocol for motorcycle safety considering the very high proportion of fatalities in the region.

Coordinated by UTAC, the OASIM project has paved the way for the ASEAN NCAP motorcycle safety assessment. The industrial consortium provided manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers (TIERs1) the tools to develop and evaluate their systems. The first task was to study the main causes of accidents between motorcycles and passenger cars. Secondly, systems which could help to avoid them, or at least reduce their consequences were identified. Finally, tools and a test protocol were developed to improve and evaluate the effectiveness of these systems. In particular, by designing a motorcycle target specific to the ASEAN country, also called AMT for ASEAN NCAP Motorcycle Target.

OASIM PROJECT – VideoOASIM PROJECT – Deliverables (in English)


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