Our iconic and unique corporate event venues and tracks offer unlimited possibilities to deliver safe, unforgettable events of a variety of sizes. Located within large, private proving grounds in the UK, France, Morocco and Finland, our venues offer exclusive facilities, both indoor and outdoor, to run secure events, ensuring customer confidentiality. With direct access to our private test tracks, many different types of driving activities are possible to support your event. These events include conferences, corporate driving days, product launches and automotive training, where classroom sessions can be combined with driving experiences.

Our teams are also at your disposal to support the organisation of all other types of events (seminars, rallies, road shows, etc.) taking place outside our sites. We work all over the world with our customers and at the locations places they choose.

Seminars, conventions

From 10 to 5,000 people, in France, Great Britain, Finland or Morocco, our teams are able to build and support all your convention and seminar projects for your clients, the press or your employees.

Thanks to a wide range of buildings and infrastructures with modular meeting rooms, amphitheatres, catering facilities, state-of-the-art audiovisual installations and high-performance connection systems, UTAC can host your events in completely secure and confidential conditions.

Press launch, roadshow

UTAC has over 150 km of tracks at your disposal in France, Great Britain, Finland and Morocco. Our teams are at your disposal to satisfy all your requests for events requiring a deployment on tracks. We design tailor-made events to make your customers drive and try out vehicles in different configurations: speed, 4×4, braking, wet track, avoidance, slopes, meeting all your needs. Each event is managed by a project team that ensures the smooth running and organisation of each event.

Our locations

Shooting and filming

Our different sites, with our tracks and laboratories, represent an exceptional setting for the shooting of advertising films, video clips regularly chosen by car brands but also film production companies. In France, Morocco, Great Britain or Finland, UTAC opens its doors to you for your photo shoots, film shoots, TV shows, commercials, web series, video clips etc.
Our experts will assist you with :

  • Reconnaissance on our sites
  • Planning and organisation of your shoots
  • Management
  • Logistics
  • Precision control.

Whatever your project, we are able to provide you with solutions:

  • For feature films
  • For the recording of TV programmes
  • For the production of commercials
  • For the production of music videos
  • For the shooting of documentaries
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LE 1924 - UTAC Linas-Montlhéry

LE 1924 is a meeting venue built in 2014, at the heart of Linas-Montlhéry speedway. This building has been designed for a wide range of purposes. Le 1924 is part of a broader events and services offering: Product presentation, incentive, team building, shooting, coaching, conference, shareholders meeting, etc. Asphalt and off-road tracks supplement a full range of meeting facilities.

Ideal venue for: Exhibitions | Conferences | Corporate Presentations | Product Launches


Pit-Lane ROOM - UTAC Linas-Montlhéry

Pit-lane room is located at the heart of speedring with an easy access It is fun, quirky and bright. UTAC’s smallest venue, this venue can hold up to 30 delegates. It is ideal for informal meetings and as a base for driving activity days. Can be configured as standard with AV equipment and a bar for catering.

Ideal venue for: Training | team building | Small Meetings

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HELLE NICE ROOM - UTAC Linas-Montlhéry

The Helle Nice room is located at the entrance of the test centre. It is ideal for meetings and training sessions.

Ideal venue for: Training | Small Meetings



This contemporary wooden building (137m² and 55m² extension) is ideal for product launches, training exhibitions, with course sessions followed by driving experiences. UTAC’s events team offers clients total flexibility in designing their events, with each venue available on an exclusive basis. They are located in a secure environment, allowing total confidentiality.

Ideal for: Exhibitions | Conferences | Corporate presentations | Product launches


1956 BUILDING - UTAC Mortefontaine

The 1956 is a centrally located reception area perfect for conferences, exhibitions and seminars. It can be used as a single space with only the amphitheatre area (64 seats) with or converted into larger rooms.

Ideal for: Exhibitions | Conferences | Corporate presentations | Product launches



The Chalet Chevreuse (120 m²) is located in the heart of the test centre in France with easy access to the speed ring and the gliding area. Ideal for informal meetings in a warm atmosphere.

Ideal for : Team Building | Training | Corporate Conduct & Track Days| Hospitality



Ideally located in the heart of the test centre and close to the track, building B1 can accommodate up to 120 people. Offer your guests a quiet interlude in the heart of the action.

Ideal for: Exhibitions | Conferences | Corporate presentations | Product launches | Tours | Seminars



Building B2 offers you the latest facilities for your training. Located in the heart of the test centre, surrounded by a breathtaking view of the Atlas Mountains, the UTAC teams benefit from a strong expertise, historically linked to mobility.

Ideal for : Meetings | seminars



Located in a secure and confidential environment, Concept 1 is one of UTAC’s largest buildings. When Concept 1 is used in conjunction with Concept 2, the size of the spaces offered gives an extra dimension.

Ideal for: Exhibitions | Conferences | Corporate presentations | Product launches



By far the largest room at UTAC, it is large enough to accommodate a contemporary circus show at full height! Concept 2 has 12 metre high ceilings and is perfect for conferences, exhibitions and seminars. The venue can be used as a single space or converted into smaller rooms depending on the size and programme of the event. The venue is often linked to Concept 1 to offer even more possibilities and flexibility, or to meet delegates’ arrival and catering needs.

Ideal for: Conferences | Exhibitions | Seminars | Product launches | Team building.



Pod is UTAC’s “little site with big ideas”. It is located in the heart of the test centre with easy access to the 70km of track.

The venue offers a car park or demonstration area at the front and can be divided internally to suit the event.

Ideal for: Training | Seminars | Hospitality | Team building




Like Pod, Cubo is located in the heart of the test centre, with easy access to the 70 km of trails. It is fun and bright. Cubo is the smallest room the group has, seating up to 30 people. The venue is ideal for informal meetings and training. Cubo has ceiling to floor windows and can be configured with AV equipment and a bar for catering as standard.

Ideal for : Training courses | Team building | Small meetings | Seminars



Building 22 offers three configurable spaces for events. The main space can be easily divided into two, which offers a high level of flexibility and allows for more complex events to be held without the need for additional structures. Building 22 also has a separate garage and can be used for vehicle preparation.

Ideal for: Product launches | Conferences | Corporate presentations

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Training to anticipate

UTAC provides you with qualified experts and dedicated facilities, including an exceptional diversity of tracks, all certified by Qualiopi in France.

Our training offer ranges from :

  • driver training on different levels of vehicle control
  • road risk training and awareness for a 2 or 4-wheeled vehicle in the context of home/work journeys
  • training in eco-driving through the rational use of a 2 or 4-wheeled vehicle for the home/work journey
  • training in soft mobility: electrically assisted bicycle, electric scooter, etc.
  • pre-sales and/or after-sales technical training for car centre and/or car dealership staff.

Our Trainings