Situated at an altitude of 850 m in the Moroccan desert, the UTAC Morocco test facility provides you with a wide range of test tracks for all vehicle types. Thanks to the location of the site, you have access a hot climate all year round – ideal if testing is required in this type of environment.


Our variety of test tracks provides you with access to an extensive range of testing at the same site.

  • Coast down track (4 km in length)
  • ISO 10844 acoustic track
  • Urban circuit
  • Road circuit
  • Special tracks (Undulating track, Acoustic tunnel, Gravel track, Fording, Bumps, Paved tracks)
  • 2 dynamic platforms
  • Damaged tracks
  • Acoustic test tracks
  • Dirt road tracks
  • Low-grip tracks/Wet surface braking
  • Dry surface braking
  • High-speed ring

We also have a 77,000 m² dynamic platform dedicated to active safety.


We have 4 workshops varying in size between 160 m² and 240 m²

These are equipped with enclosed private car parks, private entrance, offices with kitchenette and Wi-Fi access.