Speed ring

Length: 3,000 m
Surfacing: single-layer asphalt
Incline: 43°
Possibility of driving at speeds of up to 250 km/h

Speed ring plan


Road circuit

Length: 5,200 m
Surfacing: asphalt
Modernised in 2014


Dynamics tarmac area

Surface area: 77,000 m²
Width: 130 m
Small base: 400 m
Large base: 750 m
Surfacing: asphalt
Equipped with an ISO acoustic testing track and low-grip track.

Dynamics tarmac area plan


4X4 track

10 km of track
Surfacing: natural
3 levels of difficulty


Comfort track

Length: 1500 m
Damaged surface track (potholes, undulations)

Comfort track plan


Special tracks

Paved track
Undulating track
Gravel track
10 cm depth salt water ford
Inclines (up to 25%)
Dust tunnel
Acoustic tunnel
Standard obstacles

Special tracks plan

City tour

City tour plan


Private workshops available for hire.

Workshop equipped with a lift, possibility of lining up 2 vehicles. 55m2 (4.51m x 12.36m) with an adjoining 12m2 private office.