December 04 2023


Olivier Vincenot, a UTAC Colleague, is fostering Ukane, a puppy being trained to become a Guide Dog.

UTAC Retrofit
November 29 2023

Major update in the field of automotive retrofitting

The government recently took decisive action to boost the sector, with the publication of three decrees on 24 October. These texts represent a major step forward in the transformation of internal combustion engine vehicles into more environmentally-friendly options, such as electric or hydrogen.


November 28 2023

Launch of the Challenge UTAC 2024

Launched by UTAC and under the aegis of the Société des Ingénieurs de l’Automobile (SIA), the UTAC Challenge is in no way a speed or consumption race: it is the very first European challenge dedicated to the automated and connected mobility of the future. The competition is open to student projects from universities, engineering schools and IUTs, as well as to start-ups.


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