Future powertrain and ev battery testing

Future Powertrain

We support any size of electric driveline development programme, providing customers a ‘one-stop shop’ solution, whether it’s a full suite of UN 38.3 ev battery tests or completing a design verification plan (DVP) for an electric drive system.

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EV battery testing facility at Millbrook Proving Ground in the UK

Emissions, driveline and engine testing

Conventional Powertrain

We offer many decades of expertise in development and homologation testing of light and heavy duty powertrains. Our laboratories in France and the UK cover everything from CEC fuel, evaporative and real driving emissions testing to driveline durability, wear and life investigations.

We help customers to improve functionality, performance, efficiency and durability/endurance of their powertrain solutions, as components, subassemblies and whole assembles, or as part of the vehicle.

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Driveline testing on 4WD powertrain test system at Millbrook Proving Ground

Passive and active vehicle safety testing


We test vehicles, systems and components to validate passive and active safety features. This includes crash, sled and safety systems testing (such as airbags and child seats), as well as the validation of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

We operate the only Euro NCAP accredited laboratory in France. In Finland, our state-of-the art cold-weather proving grounds and indoor test facilities are world-famous and can support various traction-aid systems.

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Advanced driver assistance systems testing for Euro NCAP requirements in UTAC's active safety test facility in France

EMC and NVH testing

Comfort and Quality

Our test tracks and laboratories in France and the UK offer electromagnetic compatibility testing, vehicle vibration testing and noise measurement.

These include semi-anechoic chambers and pass-by noise facilities, suitable for R117 tyre noise testing, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) laboratory, used for immunity and emissions testing, and a wide range of shakers.

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Electromagnetic compatibility chamber in UTAC's facility in France

Vehicle and component durability and reliability testing

Reliability and Durability

Durability and reliability of a vehicle can be assessed on a proving ground or in a laboratory by replicating real-world conditions and stresses that the vehicle would experience in service.

Collecting durability test data on a proving ground or in a laboratory provides repeatable, real-world correlated results, in a fraction of the time. At UTAC, these include testing light and heavy-duty vehicles on a 4-poster ride simulator or hub dynamometer, shock and vibration testing on vehicles and components and driving an accelerated vehicle durability test schedule on its purpose-built test tracks.

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Vehicle under durability test at Millbrook Proving Ground in the UK

5G test beds and connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) testing

Connected Mobility

We operate our 5G test bed in the UK and TEQMO facility in France to support the development of CAVs and CAV technologies. Each location has workshops, facilities and tracks that are used to test and develop future mobility solutions, from cybersecurity to vehicle and simulation, as well as V2X connectivity.

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TEQMO connected and autonomous vehicle 5G test bed facility run by UTAC in France