Subsystem/component testing, a necessity for vehicle and equipment manufacturers

Vehicles nowadays contain on average 30,000 components. Vehicle and equipment manufacturers need to check that they are reliable in all conditions. These tests take account of their functionality when subjected to vibration and harsh weather conditions, in order to guarantee an optimal service life.

The complexity of these products is also constantly growing as the number of electromechanical components used to improve occupant experience, safety and comfort increases.

UTAC, a trusted partner for component testing

We can help you with component testing from development and type-approval to production monitoring of your product.

We offer a large array of tests on numerous environmental, hydraulic and electromagnetic test benches at three sites in France and the UK (Mortefontaine, Leyland and Bedford).

The flexibility of our facilities not only enables us to meet your needs but also to combine vibration endurance tests with environmental stresses.

What we offer for your component testing

The modularity of our test benches means we can offer:


  • Environmental tests with regulation of temperature, humidity and sunlight
  • Endurance tests with synthetic signals but also with track signal reproduction
  • Vibration tests on hydraulic shaker tables and electromagnetic vibration tables
  • Dynamic and static characterisation tests including to the point of failure
  • Squeak and rattle tests with the aim of identifying unwanted noises on parts subject to vibration
  • Vehicle element (door, boot, armrest, etc.) closure tests with pneumatic jacks
  • Regulatory tests in accordance with current regulations and standards

Choose UTAC for a flexible partner that adapts to your needs !