Just like the environmental performance and safety of vehicles, reliability and durability are vitally important for vehicles’ long-term use. These two factors are increasingly prominent, particularly because of the increase in on-board electronics, and they give the user certain assurances. Modern vehicles are also designed to stand the test of time and cope with extreme temperatures. In order to deliver these characteristics, vehicles must pass mechanical and electrical tests, and also longevity tests.

The expertise of UTAC's test teams

Reliability tests, on-board measurement, subjective or objective behaviour analysis, powertrain development, reliability test benches… these are the things our test teams deal with every day. We put our expertise, combined with the great flexibility of our specialists, at the service of your project. You benefit from the full mobilisation of our teams throughout your product life cycle. Our cutting-edge facilities all over the world ensure you receive high-quality service while meeting your deadlines for market release.

Choosing us means facing the future with serenity. We ensure requirements and quality levels compliant with your standards are maintained for both current and future products.

A wide range of durability and measurement services

  • Instrumentation and measurement
  • Driving in France and abroad
  • Endurance & reliability
  • Vehicle preparation for the press
  • Accelerated track-based tests (structural, powertrain, corrosion)

A range of test equipment

  • Climatic chambers (Corrosion, Hot/Cold)
  • Durability test tracks (France, Finland, Morocco, United Kingdom)



By joining us, you are choosing a solution for the future!