Lighting – an essential part of automotive safety

The automotive industry has embraced many revolutions in recent years, and lighting is undoubtedly one of the features that has changed the most during this time.

To meet new safety, integration, efficiency and aesthetic constraints, equipment manufacturers have had to adapt to increasing demands for innovation and cope with constantly evolving regulations and customer specifications.

Additionally, the expansion of global automotive groups has produced its own challenges for the industry, since lighting and signalling systems have to adhere to different regulatory rules around the world, while in many cases also continuing to meet the associated design, reliability and durability requirements.

UTAC – the only partner you need for your projects

With its expertise and international recognition, UTAC is a preferred partner that can support you throughout the product development cycle, up to type-approval and market release.

Our experienced photometry and colorimetry laboratory can optimise your lead times, costs and logistics expenses by conducting combined type-approvals and conformity verifications (UN/ECE, India, Taiwan, Korea, USA/Canada, China, Gulf States).

Vehicle certification for UNECE regulations at UTAC

UTAC'S Services

UTAC works alongside many vehicle and equipment manufacturers in order to support its customers with validating the durability and reliability of their systems, with the assistance of its various laboratories which specialise in the following areas:

Environmental validation

Climate, abrasion, UV, rain and dust, vibration and impact, exposure to chemicals, etc.

Electromagnetic compatibility

Immunity, radiation and resistance to electrical interference

Photometry and colorimetry

Choose UTAC for a flexible partner that adapts to your needs !

Train & Support

If you would like to know more about lighting, do not hesitate to contact our subsidiary Train & Support and discover more than 60 training offers.

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If you would like to know more about lighting, please contact our team of experts. We support you in developing mobility worldwide.

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