UTAC Millbrook’s test tracks are among the best commercially available in the world.

Custom-built to simulate some of the world’s most challenging terrain, they provide an invaluable resource for testing and development on a unique, safe and well-supported site.

Millbrook is one of Europe’s leading sites for the development and demonstration of all types of tyres and land vehicles. Among the tracks available in the UK are the Mile Straight, the High Speed Circuit and the famous Hill Road (also known as the Alpine Test Track).

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UTAC Millbrook is best known for its test tracks, where reproducible testing can be carried out in a safe and secure environment. Custom-built to simulate some of the world’s most challenging terrain, they provide an invaluable resource for testing, development and location on a single, safe and well-supervised site.

Millbrook’s test tracks can be hired by the hour (subject to training and a driving licence), to carry out test programmes with UTAC’s teams of drivers and engineers.


The tracks and their characteristics make up the majority of the UTAC Millbrook test centre, with over 50 km of varied surfaces and a range of technical characteristics.

    These British test tracks are :

  • Hill Route – 6.5km of hilly roads with gradients from 6.5% to 26%.
  • High Speed Bowl – 5 lanes of neutral steering, allowing test speeds in excess of 240 km/h.
  • Urban course
  • Outdoor handling circuit
  • Steering plate and dynamic plate
  • One-mile straight
  • Noise generating surfaces for acoustic assessment and ISO 10844:2014 compliant installation for vehicle pass-by noise measurements (maximum and minimum noise) and tyre noise

UTAC Millbrook runway control assistance is available 24 hours a day.

Corporate event venue at Millbrook Proving Ground in the UK

Off-road tracks

Set in 100 hectares of rolling countryside, UTAC Millbrook’s off-road test tracks offer a full range of terrain for all types of vehicles, from off-roaders to high mobility vehicles meeting military specifications.

These test tracks include:

  • Strict off-road and off-road circuits
  • One-by-one concrete slopes of -45
  • Gravel hills with a gradient of up to 35
  • Sand hills with a gradient of up to 34º.
  • Gravel road simulating unpaved surfaces in North America
  • 60% gradient
  • 25º crossing
  • Wading pool and trough
  • Axle humps
  • Significant twisting of the vehicle
  • Concrete ditches and kerbs
  • Log bearings
  • Offset sine waves

The team at UTAC Millbrook provides services for a range of vehicle types, from specific needs to general servicing. A number of facilities are available to meet customers’ needs.

The UTAC Millbrook workshop supports a number of test areas. Customers use the facilities and expertise of the workshop team to prepare, strip and temporarily store vehicles before and after on-site testing.

Preparing test vehicles

  • Complete laser alignment of all 4 wheels (up to 4.2 t)
    Tyre replacement and balancing
    Air conditioning charge/discharge
    Installation of vehicle test weight
    Fuel draining and flushing for all vehicles
    Complete welding and fabrication facilities
    Full turning and milling capabilities
    Replacement of HGV tyres

Vehicle maintenance, transport and storage

Vehicle washing (from hand washing to full truck wash)
High-pressure and hot steam cleaning under bodywork
Parts and vehicle storage
Covered vehicle transport, for vehicles up to 5 tonnes
Vehicle recovery

Workshops & offices

Located in the middle of the speed ring, the workshops offer a secure location for your vehicle development projects that include on-track testing.

They offer direct access to test tracks and facilities including a series of test laboratories, the speed ring, urban simulation tracks, a one-kilometre straight, a hillclimb track and a variety of surfaces designed to test structural durability.

They are available on a short- or long-term basis.