Another country, another set of regulatory requirements

Capitalising on international opportunities by accessing global markets is a real challenge in the mobility sector. Vehicle and OEMs manufacturers face a multitude of different national standards and regulations. Meeting technical, quality, and environmental requirements is vital to avoid the extra costs associated with non-compliance. Having the support of an accredited body with expertise in international regulations is essential and provides a guarantee of success when launching products on the global market.

UTAC's experience and expertise at your service

We are experts in national, European and international regulations and are designated as a Technical Service by the type-approval authorities in several countries. Our expertise covers all vehicle categories and engine types. We can therefore adapt our processes to any mobility project. Thanks to our active participation in the working groups on European and global regulatory changes, we can guide you through the new requirements on the horizon. Being able to anticipate new regulations in this way gives you a head start in your strategic choices. Our presence by your side offers the added value you need to meet every international regulatory challenge.


UTAC's support and customised solutions with RACE Online

Our RACE Online tool combined with our team’s expertise provides you with support and real-time monitoring of changes in automotive requirements. Benefit from a comprehensive service for the type-approval of your mobility projects.

Take advantage of our customised support with experts based all over the world:

  • Packages to suit your needs
  • Comparative analysis of technical requirements worldwide
  • Provision of complete, consolidated, and up-to-date regulatory texts
  • Applicable global standards and draft standards
  • Newsletter focusing on the countries and subjects of interest to you


Connect to RACE Online

Obtain the support you need

We offer three service levels to suit your needs:

  • Level 1 – Monitoring: Provision and monitoring of consolidated regulatory texts, all vehicles, all technical domains, for the EU/UNECE area, through a subscription to our Race Online regulatory tool. On request to our expert teams : Provision and monitoring of worldwide consolidated regulatory texts.
  • Level 2 – Monitoring+: macro comparative analysis of the applicable regulations on a single subject in different countries, with a summary of the main requirements.
  • Level 3 – Line-by-line: line-by-line comparative analysis of local regulations in relation to EU/EEC regulations.


Improve the time to market of your products

In our online database, we give you access to consolidated amendments six to eight months before their official publication. We can therefore guarantee a faster international type-approval process.

Train & Support

If you would like to know more about expertise, do not hesitate to contact our subsidiary Train & Support and discover more than 60 training offers.

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