Tracks and workshop rental

The test tracks at UTAC facilities are some of the finest available anywhere in the world. UTAC has a wide range of workshop hire opportunities in the UK, in France, Morocco and Finland. UTAC has the impressive infrastructure to support customers with their track use, circuit hire and testing by offering the following additional services:

  • Vehicle loading and load hire
  • Workshop support
  • Temporary staff through local accredited suppliers
  • Transport: people and materials
  • Waste disposal: domestic rubbish to whole vehicles
  • 5G-enabled mobile network
  • Digital model of tracks
  • Vehicle instrumentation

Shooting and filming

Our different sites, with our tracks and laboratories, represent an exceptional setting for the shooting of advertising films, video clips regularly chosen by car brands but also film production companies. In France, Morocco, Great Britain or Finland, UTAC opens its doors to you for your photo shoots, film shoots, TV shows, commercials, web series, video clips etc.
Our experts will assist you with :

  • Reconnaissance on our sites
  • Planning and organisation of your shoots
  • Management
  • Logistics
  • Precision control.

Whatever your project, we are able to provide you with solutions:

  • For feature films
  • For the recording of TV programmes
  • For the production of commercials
  • For the production of music videos
  • For the shooting of documentaries