Over 200 km of track

Private track hire is available at all of our centres in the United Kingdom, France, Morocco and Finland, for a variety of applications. UTAC offers the best test tracks and infrastructures in the world, with an extensive portfolio of track and workshop hire offers in France, Finland, Morocco and the UK. UTAC has a formidable infrastructure to assist our customers in using the tracks, hiring circuits and performing testing in addition to offering the following supplementary services:

– Vehicle charging and charging hire
– Workshop assistance
– Temporary personnel through approved local agencies
– Transportation: passengers and equipment
– Refuse collection: from domestic waste to entire vehicles
– 5G mobile network
– Digital modelling of tracks
– Vehicle instrumentation

Tracks and Workshops

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UTAC Linas-Montlhéry

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UTAC Mortefontaine

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UTAC Millbrook

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MMAC tracks

UTAC Maroc

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UTAC Finlande

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