The Autodrome UTAC Linas-Montlhéry and the UTAC Mortefontaine circuit are emblematic places steeped in European automotive history. Every year, UTAC organises classic and sports car festivals that bring together fans of beautiful mechanics from all over Europe.

Discover our 2024 season and exclusive festivals. 

Centenary Festival

The ever-growing public’s passion for vintage and modern motoring continues unabated, whether at exhibitions, museums or events. Today, the public has kept its passion for these great hours, and nostalgia will bring it back to the Autodrome on 12 and 13 October 2024 for a programme featuring legendary vehicles.

🗓️12 – 13 October 2024
📍 UTAC Linas-Montlhéry Autodrome

The sets:
🛞Pre-war Car (1924 to 1939)
🛞Fifties and Sixties car
🛞1000 km from Paris
🛞Pre-war motorbikes 1950 to 1970
🛞Motorcycles 1970 to 1990



Rally Story

The start of the 31st Rally Story will be given at the UTAC Linas-Montlhéry Autodrome. 🏁 100 crews will meet on the 3 405 for testing but also to share a convivial moment in LE1924.

🗓️9th March 2024
📍Autodrome de UTAC Linas-Montlhéry

Event not open to the public

📧 Organiser contact: contact@rallystory.com


Ordre de Malte

The Order of Malta and the Order of St John are organising a charity day at the UTAC Linas-Montlhéry Autodrome in collaboration with UTAC and the ACF on 16 March 2024. For this 13th edition, more than 100 amateur classic car drivers will be taking on the pleasure of driving on a speed ring for people with disabilities, by taking them on as “co-pilots”.🏁

🗓️16th March 2024
📍UTAC Linas-Montlhéry Autodrome

🛞The grids will be announced shortly.

Event not open to the public

Youngtimers Festival

Do you want to drive the car of your youth or childhood for a weekend? Now you can. The Youngtimers Festival is for enthusiasts of vehicles from the 90s to 2007.

🗓️27th and 28th April 2024
📍Autodrome de UTAC Linas-Montlhéry

Thr grids (4×20 mins per day) :
🛞Les Françaises moins de 1600 cm3
🛞Le Reste du Monde moins de 2L
🛞Les Française plus de 1600cm3
🛞Le Reste du Monde plus de 2L



Vintage Revival Montlhéry

This event has become a must for all pre-war fans, with 500 vehicles, cars and motorbikes on the speed ring.
On the programme: the star-studded track will host a number of grids, a Club area for admiring the wonders and numerous exhibitions.

🗓️11 and 12 May 2024
📍 UTAC Linas-Montlhéry Autodrome


📧 Contact the organiser: vintage-revival-montlhery@outlook.com


GT Prestige

Test the different tracks at the UTAC Mortefontaine Test Centre with the GT Prestige! 💨
The UTAC teams are offering you an exceptional opportunity to get behind the wheel of your GT in a prestigious location, where few people get the chance to drive. 🙌 At this 12th edition, everyone will be able to fine-tune their driving technique on different tracks and in different conditions: a speed ring, a flat area and a road circuit will all be set up to receive your car in the best possible conditions and experience unprecedented sensations. 🏁

🗓️May 25th 2024
📍UTAC Mortefontaine


Jap'n' Car Festival

Fans of Japanese culture are in for another treat at the Autodrome. 🇯🇵 For 2 days, young and old alike will be immersed in Japanese culture through a rich and varied programme. You’ll be able to meet a whole host of characters from your favourite mangas, play video games, discover tuning and immerse yourself in both popular and traditional Japanese culture.

🗓️1st and 2nd June 2024
📍UTAC Linas-Montlhéry Autodrome

The grids (4×20 mins per day) :
🛞- 280ch
🛞+ 280ch
🛞- 280ch
🛞+ 280ch



Festival Lotus

Organised by Club Lotus France, the Lotus Festival is back for a 6th edition on 22 June 2024! Rides, exhibitions, a parade, prepare to be dazzled by the legendary charm of the Lotus.

🗓️22nd June 2024
📍UTAC Linas-Montlhéry Autodrome

🛞The grids (4×20 mins per day) will be announced shortly.


Losange Passion International

The Losange Passion International meeting will once again be taking place at the UTAC Linas-Montlhéry Autodrome! 💨
Organised by the Club des Amateurs d’Anciennes Renault with the support of The Originals Renault, this event will bring together more than 800 vehicles 🚗at the heart of the speedway. Exhibition, entertainment, a concours d’élégance, driving and lots of other surprises … 🏁

🗓️29th June 2024
📍UTAC Linas-Montlhéry Autodrome


US Motor Show

Would you like to admire the stylistic evolution of the greatest “made in the USA” motoring standards through the ages?
Then sign up for the 7th US Motor Show. 🇺🇸Retrouvez the most extraordinary cars from the UTAC meetings, grouped together in different grids that are particularly popular with fans of big American cars, giving you the chance to admire over 100 cars on the track and over 300 cars on display.

🗓️September 14, 2024
📍 UTAC Linas-Montlhéry Autodrome

The grids (4×20 mins per day) :
🛞Ford – 400ch
🛞Ford + 400ch
🛞The Americans of Europe



Autodrome Italian Meeting

After an exceptional 2023 edition, the Autodrome Italian Meeting is back in force in 2024.
Demonstrations, entertainment, a club village and exhibitors’ areas are all on the programme for this event that appeals as much to gentlemen drivers as to the general public.👍 Vintage cars, contemporary sports cars, Autodrome Italian Meeting gives pride of place to all the passions of Italy! 🇮🇹

🗓️21 september 2024
📍 UTAC Linas-Montlhéry Autodrome

The grids (4×20 mins per day):
🛞Fiat Sportive & Abarth
🛞Alfa Roméo (Post 1989)
🛞Berline & coupé de charmes
🛞Les Supercars