Calibration – key to guaranteeing the validity of your test results

To guarantee the quality of your testing and inspection results, measurement equipment needs to be validated. Calibration is therefore essential for the international recognition of your testing and inspection results. It provides the guarantee that your measurement results are accurate.

UTAC has been accredited by COFRAC*, FINAS** and UKAS*** for competence in testing, inspection and calibration to ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO/IEC 17020** standards, as detailed below. UTAC is your partner for all your testing and inspection needs in the mobility sector.

Our UTAC laboratories offer their internal metrology services having developed a wide range of calibration processes linked to regulatory testing requirements in the automotive field.

Test accreditation no. 1-0193, list of sites and scope available at
FINAS Test Accreditation n°T232, list of locations and scopes available on
List of sites and scopes available at
UKAS accredited testing laboratory no. 2498
A UKAS accredited testing laboratory No. 10121

UTAC, a trusted partner

We can meet all types of calibration request for complex equipment or measurands with tailor-made solutions validated by our qualified experts.

We then check your conformity requirements to ensure we provide a rigorous assessment of your test equipment.


We guarantee technical competence in line with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025. We provide you with proof of management of traceability to the International System units, of estimates of uncertainty and of all requirements related to the management system.

We can support you at our metrology laboratories in France and the UK.

Our areas of expertise in calibration

We have calibration standards traceable to the International System for calibrations in the following fields:

  • Dimensional (Draw-wire position sensor, Angle encoder, Dimensional control jig, Inclinometer/Goniometer, Rolling circumference)
  • Temperature/Humidity (Thermohygrometer, Temperature measuring chain, TCK/TCT/PT100 probe thermometer, Temperature display, Acquisition system, Climatic chamber)
  • Electricity/Magnetism (Passive multipoles, Charging cable, Coupler, Filter, Multimeter, Acquisition system, Current clamp)
  • Force/Momentum (ATD load cells, Seatbelt load cells, Force sensors, Traction and compression dynamometers, Traction and compression equipment, Torque wrenches)
  • Acoustics (Microphone, Sound level meter, Acoustic source, Acoustic chain)
  • Mass (Calibration mass, Balance)
  • Speed (GPS, Chassis dynamometer, 5th wheel)
  • Photometry/Colorimetry (Calibration lamp, Lux meter, Colorimetry filters, Luminance meter)
  • Pressure (Pressure gauge, Tyre inflater with pressure gauge, Pressure sensor)
  • Time/Frequency (Chronometer, Acquisition system)
  • Accelerometry (Piezoresistive accelerometer, Piezoelectric accelerometer, Capacitive accelerometer, Digital accelerometer (DTI technology))


Our added value:

  • Knowledge of equipment management regulations and requirements.
  • Quick response time, availability of equipment
  • Tailoring to your needs and vehicle requirements



UTAC: a trusted partner that adjusts to your needs.

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