New challenges for powertrain testing

New traction systems, increasing electrification of vehicles, and innovative energy sources… Mobility is changing very rapidly, raising many challenges for the entire sector.

These technological innovations and advances are spurring vehicle and equipment manufacturers to develop new products that are cleaner and more eco-friendly to meet the mobility challenges of tomorrow. In view of this transformation, comprehensive, efficient solutions to test all the systems and subsystems of conventional, electrified, and electric powertrains are necessary throughout the vehicle development phase and in the context of approvals.

UTAC combines expertise with innovation for your satisfaction

With several decades of globally recognised expertise in development and type-approval testing of all types of powertrains, we support you at our laboratories in France and the UK.

Our goal is to accompany you through the development, integration, performance, and durability testing processes. In anticipation of the final homologation phases, we accompany you on pollution/consumption tests on chassis dynamometers and in RDE (Real Driving Emission). We give our full commitment to providing you with technical and regulatory support for the development of your product. Our test facilities combined with our simulation methods enable us to offer a wide range of tests so that together, we can anticipate the mobility of the future.

Efficient multi-product test facilities

Our powertrain test benches are based on a combination of engineering principles, proven concepts, and modern technologies capable of testing all types of products, including motors, drivetrains, hybrid drivetrains, clutches and torque converters, considerably reducing development times. The repeatable, controlled tests on our test benches also provide the best possible validation in advance of track or public road testing of vehicles.

Numerous innovative testing possibilities

Our powertrain test bench systems are modular, offering maximum flexibility to implement solutions for different test scenarios. They can be used for prepared powertrain or whole vehicle testing and offer a full range of tests. Our powertrain test benches enable us to support you with the transition to electric mobility.

On our engine test benches, we still provide a range of calibration, development, durability, and characterisation tests for conventional engines. We therefore offer test facilities ideally suited to the development of hybrid and electric transmission systems, with a wide range of applications and test scenarios.

Our range of engine dynos is completed by a range of climatic chassis dynamometers for light and heavy vehicles, for all test cycles.


  • Development and optimisation of hybrid and electric systems
  • Integration and testing of engines (all engine types) and/or drivetrains, whether integrated into the vehicle or not
  • Operation in extreme conditions
  • Test benches for electrified powertrains with a battery emulator
  • Conventional engine test benches
  • ‘Engine-in-the-loop’ simulation
  • Test benches for testing fuel in accordance with the CEC standard with assessment of impact on the engine
  • Functional safety and fault reaction testing

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If you would like to know more about powertrain, please contact our team of experts. We support you in developing mobility worldwide.

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