Regulatory requirements for the automotive industry are constantly changing to reflect society’s concerns. The subjects of road safety and environmental protection are driving these changes and influencing legislation and international regulations. There are over 70 regulations that a vehicle must conform to before being marketed, and in particular these include the requirements set by the European Union and the United Nations. To meet these requirements, homologation is a key step in the application of the regulations. The homologation process ensures that the whole vehicle, as well as its subsystems and components, is compliant with the prevailing regulations.

UTAC, officially designated a technical service by vehicle type-approval authorities

As a leader in vehicle homologation, we are recognised as a Technical Service and are designated by several vehicle type-approval authorities. Our expertise extends across all vehicle categories and all technical parameters. UTAC’s Technical Service section is able to support manufacturers throughout the homologation process of vehicles destined for the European Union, as well as other countries that are signatories to the UN agreements. UTAC also provides support for other regions of the world such as Japan, Taiwan, China and South-east Asia. We are also able to perform various national homologations and individual vehicle approvals.


An accelerated and anticipated homologation process

With more than 50 years’ expertise, we play an active role as recognised experts in the international technical working groups that develop European and global regulations. This technical expert role enables us to anticipate future legislation and support our clients when it comes to applying forthcoming changes. We are accredited to ISO 17025 and ISO 17020, which gives our clients the assurance of a reliable, high-quality service throughout the support process.

Our multidisciplinary team helps manufacturers to define the scope of their vehicle’s type-approval and apply the best homologation strategy and test optimisation, with an approach based on worst-case selection in order to minimise the number of tests required. This approach allows our clients to optimise and rationalise their costs and will generate significant financial advantages.

Our mobile teams can also visit your company to survey the tests for homologation directly on your site. Our international subsidiaries (in China, Japan, the UK, etc.) mean that this option is available on several continents. Our support throughout the approval process will enable you to reduce the time to market.

We also offer a project management team for homologation. This team can provide total support for all aspects of the process, including planning, test logistics, coordination with the type-approval authorities, and preparation and submission of the technical documentation.


COFRAC accreditation n°1-0193, list of locations and scopes available on
COFRAC Inspection accreditation n°3-1905, list of locations and scopes available on

Choose UTAC for a full range of homologation services

Performance of regulatory vehicle homologation tests (Categories M, N, O, L, T, C, R, S, EMNR)

Preparation of technical homologation documentation

Complete management of homologation projects

Assessment of Conformity of Production (CoP)

Assessment of Conformity of Production (CoP)

Support for contact with the type-approval authorities

Homologation in accordance with national Ministerial Orders (entity, retrofit, vehicle: NKS, RTI, RI, RPT, etc.)


UTAC has supported the leading players in mobility for 70 years. Like them, choose our solutions combining reliability and expertise.

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