UTAC : One of the leading suppliers of tyre validation tests

With nearly fifty years’ experience and expertise in tyre testing and regulation, we provide a wide scope of tyre testing services according to the latest standards, regulations and customer specific requirements for all tyre types.

​​​​​UTAC teams test summer, all-season and winter tyres year-round an all surfaces: wet, dry, snow and ice, including indoor bench tests.

Our services

UTAC provides a wide range of tyre testing services:

  • Tyre type approval based on international regulations (ECE R30, ECE R54, ECE R64, ECE R75, ECE R106, ECE R108, ECE R109, ECE R117, ECE R164, ASTM F1805)
  • European tyre labelling (Regulation (EU) 2020/740)
  • Rolling resistance laboratory alignment (Regulation R117 and 2020/740)
  • Technical development of tyres to tyre manufacturers’ internal or vehicle manufacturers’ requirements
  • Benchmark and analysis of competitor products
  • Test tracks for tyre manufacturers to test their tyres in different conditions

Promotion and demonstration services for product launches and other events

Our services meet your objectives

Our experts can accurately test the performance of your tyres in these areas:

International regulations:

  • Rolling resistance
  • High speed, load/speed
  • Pass by Noise
  • Wet grip of new and worn tyres
  • Snow performance of unstudded and studded tyres
  • Spin traction on snow
  • Ice grip
  • Studded tyres road wear


Development and benchmarking:

  • Braking on wet and dry
  • Handling on wet and dry (objective and subjective)
  • Aquaplaning longitudinal and lateral
  • Braking and acceleration on snow and ice
  • Handling on snow and ice (objective and subjective)
  • Tyre and stud wear driven in convoy in conditions optimal for the tyre category


These tests and assessments are done in accordance with standards and regulations or based on customer requirements.

The services we offer enable you to:

  • Have your tyres type approved and produce accredited data for European certification and tyre labelling
  • Improve your brand image and reputation and demonstrate your tyre quality to you or your customers, for example vehicle manufacturers
  • Develop sales by providing detailed, comprehensive results of your product tests to you or your customers
  • Obtain accurate, reliable data for the quality of your tyres, enabling you to continuously develop the performance of your products, identify new opportunities to meet market needs, and ensure conformity of production

Our test centres

We can test all types of tyres (C1, C2, C3) all year round. This is possible thanks to our winter proving ground in Ivalo, including the unique Indoor Winter Test Facility enabling consistent winter conditions through the summer, and our summer test centres and testing facilities in France and Morocco.

Tests are conducted on tracks and facilities specially designed for tyre testing to ensure repeatability and high quality of test results.


UTAC operates two winter proving grounds in Ivalo, 300 kilometres above the Arctic Circle in Finnish Lapland where customers can rent tracks and facilities to carry out test programmes on tyres and vehicles.

UTAC Ivalo is known for its superior track quality, as well as for the unique Indoor Winter Test Facility enabling testing on natural snow through the summer.

The Proving Grounds at Mellatracks and Ivalo Airport provide wide selection of tracks on snow and ice for winter testing of tyres and vehicles from sports cars to commercial vehicles. Workshops, offices, state-of-the-art EV charging infrastructure and supporting staff are available to support the testing activities.

Indoor winter testing allows product development and testing to continue outside of traditional northern hemisphere winter testing period, providing snow and ice tracks with cold chambers for testing tyres, vehicles and vehicle systems.

Train & Support

If you would like to know more about tyre testing, do not hesitate to contact our subsidiary Train & Support and discover more than 60 training offers.

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