Tyre labelling : manufacturer's responsibility

The tyre labelling regulations in force since 2012 were revised from 1 May 2021 (Regulation (EU) 2020/740) and now include more criteria.

Tyre labels have a clear common performance classification based on several criteria: rolling resistance, braking in the wet, and external noise. They must now also provide information about snow grip and ice grip for winter tyres, as well as a QR code displaying all the technical information about the tyre, to make it easier to compare different tyres on the market.

Our team of experts can support you to meet the additional quality and safety requirements and enable you to market your products all over the world.

UTAC : one of the leading supplier of tyre validation tests

Because road safety is the number one priority of vehicle manufacturers and tyre suppliers, UTAC performs all the necessary tests on your tyres.

With nearly fifty years’ experience and expertise in tyre testing and regulation, we supply complete tests for the quality, reliability, and safety of your products.

Our highly qualified experts have solid experience in tyre testing.

We check every aspect of your products in line with the requirements in the EU regulations whether for tyre labelling or type approval or based on the manufacturer’s requirements.

Our test centres

We can test all types of tyres (C1, C2, C3, 2/3 wheelers) at our summer and winter proving grounds, including our unique Indoor Winter Test Facility, all year round.

Our experts are able to accurately test the performance of your tyres in these areas:

  • Rolling resistance
  • High speed
  • Noise
  • Wet grip new and worn tyres
  • Snow performance unstudded and studded tyres:
  • Ice Grip
  • Studded tyres road wear
  • Development and benchmarking:
  • Grip and handling on wet and dry
  • Aquaplaning
  • Grip and handling on snow and ice
  • Tyre and stud wear


These tests and assessments are done in accordance with the standards and regulations in force. There are based on your requirements in order to meet your needs.

Our services meet your objectives

UTAC provides a wide range of tyre testing services:

  • Tyre approval based on International regulatory requirements (ECE R30, ECE R54, ECE R64, ECE R75, ECE R106, ECE R108, ECE R109, ECE R117, ECE R164)
  • Technical development of tyres to vehicle manufacturers’ requirements
  • Benchmark and analysis of the competition
  • Promotion and demonstration services for product launches and other events


The services we offer enable you to:

  • Have your tyres certified and labelled
  • Penetrate the European automotive market with confidence because your products are compliant
  • Improve your brand image and reputation and recommend your tyre quality to vehicle manufacturers
  • Develop sales by providing detailed, comprehensive results of your product tests to vehicle manufacturers
  • Obtain accurate, reliable data for the quality of your tyres, enabling you to continuously develop the performance of your products and identify new opportunities to meet market needs

Train & Support

If you would like to know more about tyre testing, do not hesitate to contact our subsidiary Train & Support and discover more than 60 training offers.

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If you would like to know more about tyre testing, please contact our team of experts. We support you in developing mobility worldwide.

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