At UTAC we pride ourselves of our three corporate values: our expertise, innovation and integrity. We are already working towards improvements to our environmental and societal practices, but we know we can do more.

As we start our sustainability journey, some of our actions will be target driven and some will be ambitions. This allows us the flexibility to really understand what our stakeholders need, and where we can have the most impact over the coming years as the automotive industry, and world, changes around us.

Our latest CSR update is available here


At UTAC we are working together to monitor and mitigate our impact on the environment. Our biggest projects include calculating our carbon footprint to create reduction plans for our global sites, as well as maintaining and improving our land for biodiversity.



We are committed to protecting, maintaining and enhancing the natural environment that we have control over. Projects have included planting trees, installing beehives in France, and sowing wildflowers in the UK.

Carbon Foot Print and Reduction Plan

We are working with an external environmental consultant to calculate a full Corporate Carbon Footprint and SBTi Reduction target. This will provide us with reduction plans for each country in which we operate.

Management Systems

UTAC colleagues are working together to share their knowledge and good practice on the measurement, monitoring and reporting of our environmental impact through internal management systems.


At UTAC we care about people and the expertise and innovation they bring. We want to create a safe and diverse workplace, and to continue to connect with our communities to ensure we are a responsible neighbour.


UTAC is committed to encouraging equity, diversity and inclusion among our teams. Our ambition is for our teams to be truly representative of all sections of society and our customers, and for each colleague to feel respected and able to give their best.


Our suppliers are an important part of our business continuity. Using guidance from the Drive Sustainability Initiative, we are improving our supply chain relationships and assessments to include more diverse, ethical and environmental impact. 


Each of our global sites support their local communities in a variety of ways. We want to continue to encourage colleagues to fundraise for good causes, volunteer, or engage with schools and universities to build more resilient and skilled societies.


UTAC strives for integrity in everything we do. We work with all stakeholders to ensure we our compliant and creative in our sustainability. We have created a set of global CSR policies and are sharing our expertise and passion with colleagues to build on our standards and performance.


As part of our compliance, UTAC is working toward industry and legal regulations to ensure the highest level of ethical good practice. 

UTAC has developed a Code of Conduct and suite of policies to ensure we are providing up to date guidance on subjects including Anti-Corruption and Bribery and Whistleblowing; as well as Human Rights, Working Conditions and Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.


UTAC is part of a wider automotive industry as well as the global community. As such, we are using the Drive Sustainability Guiding Principles to inform our policies and supply chain processes.

As we move forward, UTAC will begin to explore more global initiatives that will unite our colleagues across the world to tackle some of the biggest challenges we face.