We all face the same challenges

In a constantly evolving automotive industry, marked by the arrival of automated driving, electric engines and connected vehicles, vehicle and equipment manufacturers are expanding their development for the mobility of the future.

At the same time, simulation is becoming increasingly accepted by consumers and regulations as a complement to physical testing to address ever more complex sets of requirements and cost and time constraints, for all vehicle types.

In addition, since 2022, the European safety regulation GSR2 has come into force and the Autonomous Emergency Braking System (AEB) has become mandatory.

Choose UTAC your virtual simulation partner

Our simulation tools can reproduce all or some of the test requirements within a short time frame and on a large scale.

UTAC’s expertise covers ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), AD (Autonomous Driving) evaluation, simulation with HIL (Hardware-In-the-Loop), and we perform these tests both physically and virtually.

To develop and grow confidence and trust, we have a physical and digital correlation method with:

  • Studies of real driver behaviour in our driving simulator
  • Development of catalogues of scenarios (robot drivers, movement of targets trajectories, test environments, etc.), which are in reality, complex and dangerous but by minimizing risk to humans with our digital twin to accurately reflect the reality of the test environment

We work with you to optimise your test requirements and programmes

Saving time in development

Saving resources

Improving productivity between physical and virtual tests

Generating reliable, reproducible results

Contributing to total driver safety

We innovate alongside you for the safety of your customers


VIL (Vehicle-In-the-Loop) simulation

UTAC in partnership with AVSimulation, offers the innovative VIL test method to enable to develop and validate the systems more quickly. The aim of this method is to test the ADAS functions of a real vehicle, on a track or in a simulated environment, with digital targets in synchronisation to ensure the link between the physical and virtual positioning.

Shot of a Futuristic Self-Driving Van Moving on a Public Highway in a Modern City with Glass Skyscrapers. Beautiful Female and Senior Man are Having a Conversation in a Driverless Autonomous Vehicle.

DIL (Driver-In-the-Loop) simulation

The aim is to put a real driver in the loop to perform studies of human/machine interface systems, studies of human factors and evaluations of driver monitoring systems. In addition, the Hardware-in-the-Loop system can place real sensors in the simulation loop.

Such driving simulators can also be used to train drivers in the best safety conditions or during events for many purposes.

A comprehensive and international simulation offering

  • Real and virtual test equipment: Model/Software-In-the-Loop (MIL/SIL), Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL), Driver-In-the-Loop (DIL), Vehicle-In-the-Loop (VIL)
  • Production of catalogues of specific real and virtual scenarios (Euro NCAP, China NCAP, ALKS R157, etc.)
  • Support on our customers’ premises to implement our simulation solutions
  • Comprehensive testing, approval and certification offering
  • Simulation as a service: our experts are able to perform your simulations in our premises
  • Training: our experts can train your team on the way to perform the best simulations

With UTAC, choose turnkey solutions combining innovation, expertise and reliability.

Train & Support

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