Our various sites hosting our tracks and laboratories offer an incredible backdrop for filming advertisement campaigns and video clips, and is regularly chosen by automotive brands and cinema production companies. Whether in France, Morocco, Finland or the UK, UTAC is happy to host your photo shoots, film shoots, television broadcasts, advertisements, web series and video clips, etc.


What ever is your project

Whatever your project
Feature-length films
TV programmes
Music clips

UTAC Linas-Montlhéry et UTAC Mortefontaine


Vehicle promotion? Advertisement? Film sequence? Video clip?

Our tracks and spaces are also available for filming!

We are able to offer a variety of backdrops, ranging from tree-lined, countryside and urban roads, to motorway, main road and even the legendary speed ring.

Exclusive access to these spaces mean you are able to undertake your project in total privacy.

UTAC Millbrook et UTAC Leyland


UTAC offers exceptional and highly secure locations in the UK for photo sessions and film shoots of vehicles in action.
The 300-hectare site is located close to Milton Keynes, within easy reach of London and Birmingham. It offers a huge variety of roads, tracks, buildings and landscapes, making it an ideal location to hire for shooting a whole range of videos, films and photos.
The valleys surrounding the road network comprise wooded areas and natural and picturesque fields, in addition to a selection of industrial and unusual buildings, including UTAC’s very own service station equipped with a drive-through car wash. The range of possible filming locations is extensive.

Morocco Mobility & Automotive Centre


Located 160 km from Casablanca, our Morocco site provides the ideal cinematic backdrop for filming vehicles. It boasts an extensive variety of road types and buildings covering 600 hectares. The site is accessible by motorway and just 90 minutes from the airport. An on-site hotel is available so you can get the most out of your activities.

UTAC Mellatracks & UTAC Airport


Situated 300 km north of the Arctic Circle, our site in Finland is perfect for filming vehicles in the ice and snow. 550 hectares of test track are nestled in the untouched natural beauty of Lapland, well-served by a plethora of hotels and restaurants and excellent flight connections.